Father, I Don't Want to Get Married! Wiki

*Each Korean chapter is split into two in the English translation so each 'title' will have two parts*

Chapter 1: Reborn into a villainess

Chapter 2: Goodbye, old love. Hello, new life!

Chapter 3: Walking on eggshells

Chapter 4: Out shopping with my father

Chapter 5: An impolite stranger

Chapter 6: A strange dream

Chapter 7: Staying home

Chapter 8: A familiar visitor

Chapter 9: Father's disciple

Chapter 10: An invitation

Chapter 11: Rose's gift

Chapter 12: Mikhail's regrets

Chapter 13: Ambush

Chapter 14: Deep slumber

Chapter 15: Living together in secret

Chapter 16: In denial

Chapter 17: A messenger from the crocus family

Chapter 18: A gift for my father

Chapter 19: A letter for my father

Chapter 20: An unexpected turn of events

Chapter 21: Alone again

Chapter 22: Father's return

Chapter 23: Partner for the banquet

Chapter 24: Rumors