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"This child is the only reason I haven't become a monster, the reason I can exist as a human being"

Duke Regis Adri Floyen is the Duke of the Floyen Duchy and the strongest knight in the Ashet Empire. He is the father of Jubellian Eloy Floyen, the husband of the late Amelia Norah Floyen, as well as the master of the crown prince Maximilian Kasin Ashet. He is the deuteragonist of Father, I Don’t Want To Get Married!

Original Novel

Regis was the only sword master of the Ashet Empire as well as Emperor Carlos Ashet’s most loyal subject. Despite everyone’s negative opinions of the Emperor, Regis risked his life to rescue the Emperor from the war between the Ashet Empire and the Tezeria Kingdom 20 years prior. Regis’s war efforts and heroic acts helped the Ashet Empire win the war. For his service and bravery, Regis was appointed as the leader of the central army and became a royal guard for the Emperor. At some point his wife passed away leaving him to raise their daughter Jubellian alone. Despite loving his daughter immensely, Regis was forced to carry out missions assigned to him by Emperor Carlos, forcing Regis to leave his daughter by herself most of her childhood, even missing Jubel’s coming of age ceremony. Jubel would grow up believing her father did not love her, causing her to develop a villainous persona.

At the request of the first Empress, Regis became the swordsmanship teacher to the crown prince Maximilian Kasin Ashet, to help defend himself. While Max proved to be a great swordsman, his heart was hardened by the death of his mother, rejecting the merciful philosophies Regis tried to impose.

After his daughter was accused of poisoning the princess for marrying her former fiancé, Regis personally arrested his daughter who begged her father to believe her innocence. Despite wanting to comfort his daughter, Regis could only hand Jubel a small dagger as she was placed in prison, telling her to endure what will happen. Regis later found his daughter had killed herself in prison and could only agonize over her death. Burden by guilt, and overcome with despair, Regis eventually took his own life to atone for failing his daughter.


Regis notices his daughter had returned home earlier than expected due to spending most of her days stalking Mikhail Albert Hessen. Jubel reveals she had ended her relationship with Mikhail because she did not want to be with a man who did not love her. Regis later heard from a maid that Jubel was crying in her room over her break up with Mikhail. Infuriated by Mikhail’s actions, Regis attempted to comfort Jubel by spending the day together.

During an awkward breakfast together, Regis inquires about who Jubel’s ideal partner would be. Believing he is trying to find a new successor, Jubel reveals she will not marry someone unless they are a noble of high status with honor and family. Later that day, while out for a walk with Jubel, Regis had his guards purchase anything Jubel looked at.

While talking to a cloaked woman, Jubel snuck away to gain some peace and quiet from the scornful eyes of everyone watching them, only to return to her father with a box of armor polish she unintentionally bought. Noticing how tired Jubel had gotten from walking around, Regis carried Jubel to their carriage to take them home, only to panic when Jubel passed out in his arms. After taking her home to rest, Regis stayed by her bedside begging Jubel to wake up.

Three days later, after hearing Jubel had woken up, Regis personally came to check up on his daughter. When he saw that she was recovering, Regis told her to rest well before leaving her. Over the next few days, Jubel continued to improve her reputation. While relaxing in his study, Jubel entered with a book on territory management. Surprised by Jubel’s interest in the subject, Regis asked her to stay and read while he tested her. After quizzing Jubel for an hour they are interrupted by the sudden arrival of a guest. Regis left Jubel to continue reading while he attended to the guest, who turned out to be his disciple Maximilian Kasin Ashet.

Max visited Regis who he asked to aid in his plan to overthrow his father the Emperor. Regis declined as he could not jeopardize the safety of his daughter Jubellian. Max could only scowl at his master’s sentimentality towards his daughter and proclaimed that she was a weakness that the Emperor is exploiting. Noticing Jubel was eavesdropping on their conversation, Max proclaimed there was a rat nearby and would deal with it. Regis, having caught on to what Max was about to do, threatened Max to ignore it. Jubel, believing there to be a literal rat, ran away. Regis reminded Max that the way of the sword was to protect, not to kill and when Max found someone he truly wished to protect, he would grow stronger. Tired of their conversation, Max left for the night swearing that he would not have the same weakness as his master. The next day Regis was told that Jubel was avoiding the house due to misunderstanding Max’s comment about a rat. Realizing Jubel misunderstood Max’s words, Regis has his butler Derek tell Jubel that the rat was captured. Regis was also informed that Mikhail Albert Hessen had been sending Jubel letters, harassing her over their break up. Regis commands Derek to keep Jubel from seeing his letters, and to immediately burn any letter from Marquis Hessen.

While going through a list of potential candidates for Jubel’s courtship, Regis notices Maximilian’s name and circles it, telling Derek to take the name off the list. Regis is then interrupted by a message from the Emperor to come to the imperial palace at once, due to his son Max attempting to assassinate him.

Arriving at the Imperial Palace, Regis is interrogated by the Emperor over Max’s assassin that had entered the palace, and commands Regis to take care of any more that are in the palace. Despite knowing it was Max responsible for the assassination attempt, Regis stayed in the imperial palace for the next few days to keep up the appearance that he was investigating, quietly proclaiming to himself that he is not going to join Max in his rebellion because it was simply not the right time to do so, but assured that he will kill the Emperor when the time comes.

While resting in a tree, talking to a small bird, he is approached by one of his subordinates who informs him of his daughter’s wellbeing. Regis immediately jumps from the tree, demanding to know what had happened to Jubel only to sigh in relief that she was anxious over the Duke’s absence. Not wanting to make her worry anymore than she already is, Regis met with the Emperor to report he had found no trace of any more assassins or the mastermind behind the first assassination. Enraged by Regis’s failure, Emperor Carlos has Regis stay longer to ensure his safety while he calls for his son Max to return.

After completing his duties, Regis wasted no time in returning to his mansion, arriving home on horseback and finding his daughter in the garden. While startled by the sudden arrival of her father, Regis assured Jubel that he would not leave her side again. While having dinner together, Regis asked if Jubel planned on attending Rose Marie Arlo’s birthday with anyone, which Jubel admitted that she has received many partner requests. Wanting to test whether they would be suitable partners, Regis decided to meet with each of the suitors in private.

While gone that same night, Regis arrived at Count Lowane’s estate to speak with his son Edmond Asnen Lowane. After seeing how nervous and intimidated Edmond was of him, Regis deemed Edmond unfit to be his daughter’s partner and forced him to reject Jubel’s request. Edmond met with Jubel in person to decline her. Caught off guard by Jubel accepting his rejection, Edmond believed her a life savor and attempted to ask her to dinner only to be met with a death glare from Regis who watched them from outside. Edmond quickly took his leave while Regis asked to have tea with her.

Later that evening, Regis took off to interview the next candidate, Bormir, an accomplished knight, however he also did not live up to Regis’s expectations and deemed him unfit to be Jubel’s partner as well. Intimidated by the Duke, Bormir did not object to his disproval and ceased to court Jubel. Only a few minutes later, Regis intercept Ronald Herman Crocus who came to court Jubel. Regis stopped them while crossing the bridge and talked face to face with Ronald from their carriages. When Regis spoke of his disapproval, Ronald objected to Regis as he knows that Jubelian has no other option. Infuriated that Ronald would casually mention his daughter’s name, Regis intimidates Ronald for his disrespect towards his daughter, causing Ronald to retreat. Realizing that none of the men who wish to court his daughter are good enough Regis realizes he’ll have to start from scratch.

While having dinner together, Jubel returns Regis his pendant that went missing as well as a pair of blue cufflinks as an apology gift for not returning the pendant sooner. As Jubel brings up the subject of her partner for the Arlo birthday party, Regis mistakes this as Jubel asking Regis to attend with her, which Regis happily accepts, completely surprising Jubel.

Arriving at the Arlo estate, Regis and Jubel enter the party, with Regis wearing the rumored cufflinks that Jubel bought. Despite proving the rumors false, some of the guests believed them to be fakes Jubel ordered to avoid the rumors of her having a new lover. Regis quickly silenced everyone with just his glare, offended that people would insult a gift from his daughter. Regis watched from the side as his daughter enjoyed her time at the birthday party.

When Jubel stepped out to get some air, Regis noticed Marquis Mikhail attempting to approach her. Regis quickly intercepted him and glared at Mikhail in resentment, assuring Mikhail that he would not allow him to approach his daughter. Realizing that Duke Floyen would not let Mikhail anywhere hear his daughter, Mikhail walked away embarrassed.

Regis then overheard his daughter talking to someone and saw her shadow from the terrace, dancing with someone. When he hears Jubel slightly scream from almost falling, Regis quickly runs to her aid only to be enraged to see the man dancing with Jubel was his disciple Max. Regis demanded Max to get away from her as he crushed the glass of wine in his hand. When Jubel expressed concern over Regis’s hand, Regis regained his composure and assured his daughter that he would be fine.

When Max noticed that Jubel’s feet were injured, Regis intervened and proclaimed he would take care of her. Regis immediately picked Jubel up and carried her away, unfazed by the eyes of everyone watching. As he left, Regis told Max that he would come to see Max from now on and not to come to his home again. Once they were home, Regis tucked Jubel to get some rest for the time being.

While having dinner together, Regis asked Jubel what her thoughts were about the crown prince. Jubel, still believing her father intends to marry her to Prince Maximilian, attempted to change the subject by bringing up the history of the Ashet empire and the magic weilded by empire’s founder, wondering if the unique power he wielded was preserved. Anxious over the topic, Regis excused himself to recollect his thoughts. While calming himself down, Regis nervously ponders over what could happen if Jubel learned the true history of the Emperor’s magic. Jubel interupts Regis concerned over him. Touched by her consideration, Regis gives Jubel his coat to keep her warm and leads her back inside.

The next day, after returning from her trip to the market, Jubelian returns home with Max in her arms, claiming to Regis that they are lovers, angering Regis. Taking their conversation to the reception room, Regis inquired on how the two met, as he had been trying to prevent them from interacting. Jubel revealed how they met the first night and how they slept in the same room, further enraging the Duke as he glared at Max, intimidating the usually composed prince. The Duke demands they not see each other, but Max does not waver, consoling Jubel.

Max reminded Regis what he taught him, that the sword was meant to protect someone, and insists that he has found that precious weakness in Jubel, and would not allow even his master to take her from him. Regis, unconvinced of Max’s sincerity, renounces Max as his disciple. Seeing that the two will not come to a compromise, Jubel insists on talking with Max in private, which Regis allows albeit reluctantly.

After they conversed, Jubel and Max returned to Regis where Max apologized for his outburst, but Regis did not accept his apology. Seeing that neither person is willing to reconcile, Jubel gets on her knees and apologizes to her father. So not to upset his daughter, Regis immediately forgives Max but is still reluctant in allowing the two to date.

A few days later, Regis joined Jubel and Max for lunch, still skeptical of Max’s intentions as he glared at Max the entire meal. When Jubel offers to cut Max’s steak for him, Regis instead offered to cut the steak himself, surprising Max. While cutting Max’s steak Regis tries to warn Jubel through his subtle actions regarding regarding Max. While Jubel remained oblivious to Regis’s words, Max easily picked up on what Regis was implying. While cutting Jubel’s food for her, Regis offers to have tea once they were done, exciting Jubel as she had made tea herself and was hoping to try it with Max.

Regis is then informed by Derek that he has been summoned to the imperial palace. Excited by the chance of drinking tea his daughter made, Regis declined to go to the imperial palace before he drank Jubel’s tea, an action that Max agreed with. Despite enjoying the tea together, Regis asks to talk to Max in private, which Jubel obliged.

Once Jubel took her leave Regis demanded to know what Max was scheming with his daughter, as he did not believe Max’s feelings for Jubel were genuine. Max himself questioned why he was going through such lengths only to admit that he has fallen for Jubellian, and has no intention of breaking up with her leaving Regis to think over Max’s words.

Regis arrived at the Imperial Palace where he greeted the Emperor Carlos who lashed out at Regis for taking too long to respond. The Emperor then ordered Regis to go to the south to monitor a noble named Lennox under suspicion of conspiracy. Regis counters this by reminding Carlos that Lennox is just as loyal to the Empire as he is, defending the Empire from the nation Lagoon, but Carlos dismissed Regis’s words as Lennox “does not have a leash” like Regis does, mocking his royal guard who could barely contain his hatred for  the Emperor. Their conversation is then interrupted by the arrival of Maximilian, surprising his father Carlos as he did not return when asked.

Seeing the Emperor intimidated by his son, Regis intervened between the father and son, demanding Max to leave the room while he and the Emperor discussed private affairs. Relieved that he has Duke Floyen at his side, the Emperor changes his mind and has Duke Floyen remain in the capital.

Later, after their hostile reunion, Max met with Regis in private to discuss the Emperor’s plans, though they keep their conversation vague so as to not reveal anything should someone be spying on them. During their conversation, Duke Floyen make’s himself very apparent that Max is acting too reckless and needs more power and influence if he wants to oppose his father, as well as reinforces his statement that he wants Max to stay away from Jubellian, even having any letter sent from the imperial palace from Max burned upon sight.

While Jubel hosted her first tea party, Regis arrived to greet everyone, welcoming them into his home, surprising Jubel as she did not tell her father of the event. Regis expressed his joy and pride in Jubel for her efforts, making Jubel smile at his words. Regis later watched from his balcony as his daughter enjoyed her tea party with her friends.

Regis was later informed that Max would take his place in the defense against Lagoon. While this put Regis’s mind at ease over Jubel’s safety, Regis noticed Jubel’s sadness over Max’s departure as she would skip out on her meals and required incense to help her sleep. Two months later, after the invasion of Lagoon, Regis met with an old acquaintance  who he asks for information regarding Carlos’s ring, so as to finally break free of his hold over him.

While waiting up for his daughter to return, Regis anxiously paced at his front door waiting for Jubel, though Derek assured Regis that she was with a knight so he shouldn’t worry too much. Jubel returned shortly after where Regis confronted her at the door. Jubel, surprised that her father waited up for her, assured him that she was at the temple all day and simply lost track of time. Regis expressed his relief knowing she wasn’t harmed, and asked Jubel not to be out so late next time.

While the two ate dinner late into the night, Regis noticed Jubel was still distressed over Max’s absence as she barely touched her food. Realizing that Max has filled a void the Duke unintentionally caused, Regis quietly accepts that Max is someone precious to Jubel and informed Jubel that the crown prince would be returning from Lagoon, and that there would be a celebration banquette in his honor, which seemingly makes Jubel happier. Regis then gives her his blank check card to buy a new dress for the banquette.

That night while visiting the grave of his wife Amelia, remembering when he comforted her. Regis noticed a bouquet of flowers with a card attached from the same acquaintance he met from before, promising to contact Regis when he finds the information he is looking for, also commenting on how much Jubel has grown.

While thinking over how much he wishes to protect Jubel, Regis reveals he had also been sent back in time and swears to save Jubel from suffering the same fate as before.


Regis has a seeming cold personality with a surprising soft side for his daughter, Jubellian Eloy Floyen. Around most people, he is harsh and strict, especially to the knights that he trains and to those who wish to harm his daughter. Before the reincarnation, he never showed affection to his daughter, but after Jubellian reincarnated, he started to show kindness and love to her. The reality is that he wanted to protect her in whatever way he could and that involved being absent so that he could get stronger and assure that no one would target her to try to hurt him.

He also rarely makes an appearance at social gatherings and he has few people that he trusts. The reason that he would show trust or favor towards someone is if they were close with his daughter.

Physical appearance

Regis is a strong man of tall stature, he has a handsome, unaging face with blue eyes and straight silver hair. He occasionally wears glasses with circular lenses and his hair slicked back.

According to Jubellian Eloy Floyen in Chapter 25, she comments on how "He's the most handsome man in the empire."


Known as the nations strongest and only swordsmaster, Regis is considered the hero of the nation. Along with his talents wielding a sword, he can also heighten his senses to the point of knowing where everyone is in a building and even if it houses something as small as a rat.



  • Amelia Norah Floyen: Amelia is the late wife of Regis as well as the love of his life. Even after her death, Regis continued to remain loyal to his wife, refusing to remarry despite his popularity. Regis feels immense guilt over Amelia’s death and wishes to reunite with his wife in death. Before her death, Amelia believed herself a burden to her husband, but Regis assured Amelia that he never saw her as such and continued to tell her he loved her.
  • Jubellian Eloy Floyen: Jubelian is Regis’ daughter and only child. In the original novel, Regis is said to have never loved his daughter and was often cold to her growing up. In truth their relationship is more complex and tragic. While Regis is seemingly cold towards his daughter, he does in fact love her immensely as he sees her as his only reason to keep living, although he does keep his distance from her due to the Emperor’s influence over him so not to endanger her. Regis is immensely proud of his daughter and would mostly boast about how much he loved his daughter to his disciple Maximilian Kasin Ashet, annoying the young crown prince to no end. Regis is overly protective of his daughter and will constantly defend her from any public backlash despite the issues she causes. He is also disapproving of any men who approach her, and will chase away any man he deems unworthy of her, only tolerating the Marquis due to Jubel’s obsession for him.


  • Maximilian Kasin Ashet: Regis is Max’s master who trained under Regis since he was a child. Max was entrusted to Regis to look after him by his mother, who Regis greatly respected. While Regis was successful in teaching Max swordsmanship, he was unable to teach Max the importance of humility and mercy, traits that Max rejected as he was bitter and resentful of losing his mother. Max greatly respects his master as a swordsman though he looks down on his master’s love for his daughter, believing her to be a weakness that the Emperor could exploit. Max has tried to convince Regis to join him in his rebellion, though Regis always rejects as he wanted to ensure that his daughter would be safe. It was not until Max met Jubellian Eloy Floyen that he began to understand what Regis had been trying to teach him. While he respects Max as his student, Regis is aware of how manipulative Max can be and has done everything he can to keep him from meeting his daughter Jubellian. When Jubellian presented Max to her father as her lover, Regis absolutely forbid her from dating Max and even went as far as to renounce Max as his student. Despite Max’s insistence that his feelings for Jubellian are genuine, Regis does not trust Max will not hurt Jubel or put her in harms way should he continue with his plan of overthrowing the Emperor, and continues to tell them to break up. After seeing how much Jubel cares for Max, Regis finally accepts that Max is a part of his daughter’s life, whether he likes it or not.
  • Empress Ashet: Regis was close to and loyal to the late empress as she entrusted him to look after her son Max so that he could protect himself.
  • Derek: Derek is Regis’s personal butler who Regis entrusts to look after his estate as well as his daughter’s safety. Derek is loyal to his master and follows his orders without question.


  • Emperor Carlos Ashet: Regis is a royal guard to the Emperor as well as his sworn enemy. Despite rescuing the Emperor from the Tezeria Kingdom, Carlos is ungrateful to Regis for his heroic acts and only sees Regis as a tool and shield to protect himself from the crown prince, unaware that Regis and Maximilian Kasin Ashet are allies. Carlos seems to have a “tight leash” over his royal guard, forcing Regis to go on long missions and neglect his daughter Jubellian Eloy Floyen.
  • Mikhail Albert Hessen: Before Jubellian Eloy Floyen ended her relationship with Mikhail, Regis respected Mikhail and believed him as a worthy successor. Once Jubel and Mikhail’s relationship ended, Regis has grown a deep hatred for Mikhail as he was convinced that Mikhail had broken his daughter’s heart. As such, Regis intercepted Mikhail’s letters to keep him from harassing his daughter and even physically keeping the two apart at Lady Rosemary Arlo's birthday banquette, coldly glaring at Mikhail.