Father, I Don't Want to Get Married! Wiki

"This child is the only reason I haven't become a monster, the reason I can exist as a human being"

Known as the strongest man in the empire, Regis is the father of Jubellian Eloy Floyen and the nations only swordsmaster.


Original story timeline

Once the princess drank the poisoned wine giver to her by his unsuspecting daughter, Jubellian Eloy Floyen, he volunteered to take her to the shadow room in order for her to be punished. Up until this point, he had never given her any affection, not once in her life, the last thing that he did for her was give her a dagger and the words "endure it" as she waited to be interrogated by the crown prince.


When his daughter Jubellian was young, her mother passed away and he was left with just her. Although he had a cold personality towards everyone and his only wife passed away, he still received countless marriage proposals that he would always turn down.


He has a seeming cold personality with a surprising soft side for his daughter, Jubellian Eloy Floyen. Around most people, he is harsh and strict, especially to the knights that he trains and to those who wish to harm his daughter. Before the reincarnation, he never showed affection to his daughter, but after Jubellian reincarnated, he started to show kindness and love to her. The reality is that he wanted to protect her in whatever way he could and that involved being absent so that he could get stronger and assure that no one would target her to try to hurt him.

He also rarely makes an appearance at social gatherings and has few people that he trusts. The reason that he would show trust or favor towards someone is if they were close with his daughter.

Physical appearance

A strong man of tall stature, he has a handsome, unaging face with blue eyes and straight silver hair. He occasionally wears glasses with circular lenses and his hair slicked back.


Known as the nations strongest and only swordsmaster, he is considered the hero of the nation. Along with his talents wielding a sword, he can also heighten his senses to the point of knowing where everyone is in a building and even if it houses something as small as a rat.


Love interests

  • Unnamed wife:


  • Jubellian Eloy Floyen: His beloved daughter. While she was young, he acted very coldly to her but actually had a great admiration for her and wanted to be strong to protect her. He said that she is the only reason that he hasn't become a monster. He also considers her to be hi only reason for living and that she is his salvation. This is perhaps due to the fact that her mother died early on and she is the only family that he has left.


  • Maximilian Kasin Ashet: Although they have more of a teacher-student relationship, they are still really close. He met Max when he was 12 and he was entrusted with teaching him swordsmanship.