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He is the master manipulator. Radian will go by any means necessary to ruin someone's life by trying to befriend them and then use what he learned about them to start baseless gossip. Jubellian refers to him as "The venomous mouth" because of his skills in manipulation and his inability to keep things to himself. He also has a low reputation among the nobles and was even avoided by Jubellian before she regained the memories of her past life. This manipulation is typically for his own entertainment, but he does use it to try and get his cousin, Mikhail, to believe that Jubellian is in a relationship with another man soon after breaking up with him.

Physical appearance

Radian is a slender man with long, dark green hair that is tied with a ribbon at the base of his skull. He also has sharp, lime green eyes and a pleasant face that he uses to manipulate others. His true facial expressions are dark and sinister with a large smirk and closed or narrow eyes.