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Marquis Mikhail Albert Hessen is the original protagonist of Jubellian’s novel. He is the former fiancé of Jubellian Eloy Floyen and an antagonist of the story Father, I Don’t To Get Married!.

Original Novel

Mikhail was the protagonist of the original novel and was in a relationship with the novel’s villainess Jubellian Eloy Floyen for three years. Mikhail took pity on Jubellian and comforted her when her father did not attend her debutante. Jubellian became attached to Mikhail and began a relationships with him, Obsessing over him and chasing away women who would approach him. Having had enough of Jubellian’s behavior, Mikhail ended their relationship to be with the royal princess. While attending a banquet, Jubellian gave the princess wine which happened to be poisoned. Mikhail decided to stake the blame on Jubellian with the intent that she wanted revenge on him.


After arriving 3 hours late to meet with Jubellian Eloy Floyen, she announced her intentions to end their engagement. Mikhail at first believes she is just acting out in frustration but Jubellian insists that she is serious and does not love him anymore. Still not convinced of her actions, Mikhail lashed out at Jubellian to never show her face to him again. Jubellian only smiles at Mikhail and apologized for her actions. As Jubellian took her leave, she expressed her wish for Mikhail to be happy. Mikhail is caught off guard by Jubellian’s sudden change in character and quietly glares at Jubellian in irritation.

Still convinced Jubellian is only ignoring him for his attention, Mikhail continued to write to Jubellian demanding an apology, but his letters were intercepted by her father Duke Regis Adri Floyen, who learned of their break-up from Jubellian, intercepted all letter s from Mikhail to keep him from harassing his daughter. After learning that Jubellian would be attending Rose Marie Arlo’s birthday banquette, Mikhail decides to attend himself.

Mikhail was later visited by his cousin Radian Droil who informed Mikhail of Jubellian’s purchase of a pair of men’s cufflinks. Radian continued to provoke his cousin by reminding him that giving cufflinks to another man is a symbol between lovers, taunting Mikhail with the idea that Jubellian has found a new lover. Infuriated by his cousin, Mikhail orders Radian to leave his home. Convinced that Jubellian had deceived and betrayed him, Mikhail swore revenge on Jubellian.

While attending Lady Arlo’s birthday banquette, Mikhail witnessed as Jubellian arrived with her father, wearing the rumored cufflinks. Realizing they were just a gift to her father, Mikhail smirked and assured himself that Jubellian has not gotten over him. Noticing Jubellian going off by herself, Mikhail attempted to follow her but was stopped by Duke Floyen who glared at Mikhail in resentment. Realizing that Duke Floyen would not let Mikhail anywhere hear his daughter, Mikhail walked away. Mikhail could only watch as Duke Floyen carried his daughter away as they left the banquette.

While practicing his swordsmanship, Mikhail is approached by Veronica Joanna Therense who expressed her discomfort of Lady Floyen attending her tea party. Seeing an opportunity, Mikhail seduced Veronica into allowing him to attend as her date.

Mikhail attended Veronica’s tea party as her date to make Jubellian jealous but was infuriated to see Jubellian had brought a date of her own, her new lover Maximilian Kasin Ashet. Mikhail and Max showed great animosity for each other by glaring into each other’s eyes. Now more deluded into thinking Jubellian is only trying to provoke him, Mikhail could barely contain his rage before greeting Jubellian with his charming smile. Jubellian only greets Mikhail with indifference and shows more concern for Max, who is forced to wait for the tea party to end in another room. Max further enticed Mikhail’s jealousy by embracing her.

With Max no longer in the room, Mikhail continued to his plan to entice Jubellian by showing affection to Veronica. This does nothing however as Jubellian continued to ignore Mikhail throughout the tea party. When Mikhail notices Jubellian looking out the window, he looks outside to see her lover Max watching them from a tree. Noticing Mikhail, Max taunts him into confronting him outside. Refusing to accept anymore humiliation, Mikhail steps outside with his sword in hand and confronts Max.

Mikhail attempted to draw his sword, but Max had already subdued Mikhail by kneeing him in his gut before his blade was unsheathed. While Mikhail fell to his knees, Max continued to taunt Mikhail, claiming Mikhail was more fitting kneeling to him. Max demanded to know who Max was and why he was with Jubellian but Max refused to answer him. Exploding with rage, Mikhail stands back on his feet with his sword to Max’s neck and demands Max tell him why he was with Jubellian, proclaiming that Jubellian would never love a man like Max. Max only smiled at Mikhail’s weak threats and reminded Mikhail that he is Jubellian’s lover.

Before either man could do anything else, Jubellian, along with the other tea party attendants, arrived outside and confronted Mikhail over his actions, demanding he drop his sword. Surprised to see Jubellian, Mikhail calls out to her by her first name but Jubellian reminds Mikhail that they are not close and that he is to address her as Princess Floyen. When Mikhail tries to explain what happened, Jubellian runs past him to check on Max.

Tired of being ignored over and over again, Mikhail grabbed Jubellian by her wrist and demanded she talk to him. Max demanded Mikhail to remove his hand but Jubellian stopped him and assured him that she would take care of Mikhail. Believing she has finally become obedient, Mikhail attempts to take her away but Jubellian stops him and demands he remove her hand from him. Taken aback by her new authoritative attitude, Mikhail removes his hand from Jubellian who scolds Mikhail for his violent and abhorred behavior and warns him never to repeat such behavior again.

As Jubellian and Max walk away, Mikhail, now realizing that Jubellian has truly left him, calls out to her and demands to know why she would rather be with Max than him, believing that Max was unworthy of her. Jubellian only coldly responds that she no longer loves Mikhail and that she no longer wants anything to do with him, leaving Mikhail behind heartbroken and humiliated. As Veronica attempted to comfort him, Mikhail pushed her away, swearing to himself that he would not let Jubellian go.


While the original novel depicted Mikhail as compassionate and righteous, the true Mikhail has shown to be anything but. Mikhail is in truth two-faced who keeps up his noble appearance to the public, but in truth is vile, manipulative and possessive; using his charming personality and reputation to gain favor and power, using the people he manipulates only to further his goals and will not hesitate to discard them when they have proven to outlive their usefulness. Mikhail above all else is prideful and refuses to be looked down on by anyone he deems lower than him such as commoners or weak-willed beings. After Jubellian Eloy Floyen ended their relationship, Mikhail was completely deluded into thinking she was only trying to get his attention by making him jealous (an action that unintentionally worked) despite Jubellian’s assurance that she was over him. Mikhail has shown to be quite violent when faced by people he deems below himself and will lash out in fits of rage and aggression.

Physical appearance

Mikhail is a man of average stature with straight blond hair and violet eyes. He is considered beautiful and uses that to his advantage.



  • Patrican Rin Hessen (her name is spelled as "Patrican Rin Hesein" in Chapter 60): In Chapter 60, it is revealed that Mikhail has a named Patrican.
  • Giselle Maria Hessen (her name is spelled as "Giselle Maria Hesein" in Chapter 60): In Chapter 60, it is revealed that Mikhail has a sister named Giselle who shares the same blond hair and purple eyes.

Love Interests

  • Jubellian Eloy Floyen: In the original novel, Jubellian and Mikhail were originally engaged, but their relationship seemingly ended because of Jubel’s villainess behavior. Their actual relationship is much more toxic than what was initially shown. Mikhail originally entered into a relationship with Jubel to become the next Duke of the empire and he was annoyed by how clingy she was to him. When he was given the opportunity to be with the princess, Mikhail abandoned Jubel without remorse, claiming to have never loved her. After Jubel regains her memories from her past life, she ends her relationship with Mikhail, which surprised Mikhail as he believed she was obsessed with him. Mikhail at first did not take her seriously and believed she was only trying to make him jealous, but after repeatedly ignoring his letters and taking a commoner as her new lover, Mikhail realizes Jubellian is sincere in ending her relationship. Now having become jealous himself, Mikhail is obsessed with Jubel and refuses to acknowledge their relationship has ended.
  • Veronica Joanna Therense: Mikhail knew of Veronica’s feelings for him, but he was not interested in her. After learning that Jubellian Eloy Floyen would be attending Veronica’s tea party he seduced her into allowing him to come as her date, only using her to get close to Jubellian. During the tea party, Mikhail attempted to make Jubellian jealous by flirting and doting on Veronica only to be infuriated that she was ignoring him. After he was humiliated by Jubel and Maximilian Kasin Ashet, Veronica attempted to comfort Mikhail only to be thrown away by him, making Veronica realize that Mikhail was only using her.
  • The Royal Princess: In the original novel, Mikhail was engaged to the royal princess who was seemingly poisoned by his former fiancé Jubellian Eloy Floyen. As the current Jubellian had ended their relationship, Mikhail has not interacted with the princess as he has now become possessive and obsessed with Jubellian.


  • Regis Adri Floyen: Before Jubellian Eloy Floyen ended her relationship with Mikhail, he looked up to her father quite a lot who in turn, respected him and believed him as a worthy successor. Once Jubel and Mikhail’s relationship ended, Regis has grown a deep hatred for Mikhail as he was convinced that Mikhail had broken his daughter’s heart. As such, Regis intercepted Mikhail’s letters to keep him from harassing his daughter and even physically keeping the two apart at Lady Rosemary Arlo’s birthday banquette, coldly glaring at Mikhail.
  • Maximilian Kasin Ashet: Despite not knowing he was the crown prince at the time, Mikhail has a deep seeded hatred for Max for his seemingly commoner status and for being Jubellian Eloy Floyen’s new lover. Max in return is disgusted with Mikhail for his manipulative and cold treatment of Jubellian. Max takes joy and satisfaction in reminding Mikhail that Jubel is his woman now and enjoys seeing the jealousy and anguish in Mikhail that he tries to suppress. As a proud nobleman, Mikhail refuses to let Max look down on Mikhail and believes Max is undeserving of Jubellian, going as far as to draw his sword at Max to threaten him.