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Original story timeline

When Jubellian was upset during her debutante ball because her father didn't attend, Mikhail was the one to reach a hand out to her and give her kindness. After that, she became extremely attached and in love with him for the tiny bit of affection that he occasionally gave her. Even so, he didn't love her and instead, had feelings for the royal The royal princess. He decided to dump Jubellian after three years of their relationship. Just a little while later at a banquet, the princess was thirsty and Jubellian got her some wine to drink which happened to be poisoned. Mikhail decided to stake the blame on Jubellian with the intent that she wanted revenge on him.


He has a two-sided personality, one half that is kind and gives people what they want. His other side, the one that he keeps hidden, is vile and manipulative. He will show people kindness to people if he wants something from them, and one he is done, he will discard them and do anything to make them the outcasts of society. When Jubelian broke up with him, he even sent nasty letters to her father asking for an explanation to her actions.

Physical appearance

Mikhail is a man of average stature with straight blond hair and violet eyes. He is considered beautiful and uses that to his advantage.




  • Regis Adri Floyen: Before Jubellian broke up with Mikhail, he looked up to her father quite a lot who in turn, respected him. Once the breakup though, Regis changed and gained a heavy dislike for Mikhail.