Maximilian Kasin Ashet


Maximilian Kasin Ashet is the crown prince of the Ashet Empire and the original villain of Jubel’s novel. Max is the first born son of the Emperor Carlos Ashet and the late Empress from his father’s first marriage. He is the apprentice of the Empire’s greatest swordsman Regis Adri Floyen as well as the lover of his master’s daughter Jubellian Eloy Floyen. He is the male protagonist of Father, I Don’t Want To Get Married!


Original Novel

Despite being born the crown prince of the empire, Max did not have a happy childhood as his father was often cold and neglecting towards him and his father’s concubine at the time Isabelle Rusty Ashet would frame Max as an unstable child. Max’s mother was the only person who believed Max was a kind hearted person and did her best to protect her son. Seeing her as a thorn in her side, Isabelle poisoned Max’s mother to take her place as Empress in the hopes that her daughter would become the next ruler. On his mothers deathbed, he was entrusted in the care of Regis Adri Floyen, the greatest knight in the Empire, by the Empress so that her son could defend himself. Max was taught the art of swordsmanship by Regis and quickly became one of the strongest knights in the Empire, gaining a reputation as a cold and bloodthirsty warrior.

Maximilian was in charge of interrogating Jubellian Eloy Floyen after she had been accused of poisoning his sister in revenge for marrying Jubel’s former fiancé, Mikhail Albert Hessen. Upon seeing the crown prince, Jubellian immediately stabbed herself to save herself from any torture. Maximilian attempted to stop her but was too late to prevent her suicide and could only watch as his master Regis grieved over her death.

Maximilian murdered his father at some point to succeed the throne.


Maximilian first encountered Jubellian while purchasing armor polish. Their encounter was rather hostile when Max caught Jubel starring at him, telling her to get lost. Offended by Max’s rude behavior, Jubel proceeds to purchase all the armor polish in the store to keep Max from buying his items. Having no time to waste, Max left after purchasing his can but was stopped by Jubel as he overpaid for his can. While Jubel was distracted by the store clerk, Max took his leave where he met his attendant. His attendant informed Max that his master Regis requested his presence at his estate.

Later that night, Max visited Regis who he asked to aid in his plan to overthrow his father the Emperor. Regis declined as he could not jeopardize the safety of his daughter Jubellian. Max could only scowl at his master’s sentimentality towards his daughter and proclaimed that she was a weakness that the Emperor is exploiting. Noticing Jubel was eavesdropping on their conversation, Max proclaimed there was a rat nearby and would deal with it. Regis, having caught on to what Max was about to do, threatened Max to ignore it. Jubel, believing there to be a literal rat, ran away. Regis reminded Max that the way of the sword was to protect, not to kill and when Max found someone he truly wished to protect, he would grow stronger. Tired of their conversation, Max left for the night swearing that he would not have the same weakness as his master.

Some time later, Max faked an assassination attempt on his father the Emperor, causing the Emperor to call for Regis to guard Emperor Carlos. Max also had his attendant gather intel on Jubellian to understand why Regis wanted to protect her, only finding her as a liability due to her abhorrent behavior and obsession over Marquis Mikhail Albert Hessen.

While Regis was away guarding the Emperor, Maximilian snuck into Regis’s mansion in the middle of the night, breaking into Jubellian’s room as she slept. Seeing just how vulnerable she was, Max approached Jubel but was startled when she suddenly woke up. Jubel lit her lamp to see Max and breathed a sigh of relief knowing it was just her father’s disciple. Caught off guard by her calm and fearless attitude towards him, Max realized Jubel was the same woman he encountered while purchasing armor polish.

Hearing guards outside Jubel’s room, Max took his sword to her neck to keep her from revealing his presence. Jubel only responded with indifference and turned the guards away. When Jubellian started yawning, Max acted irritated but Jubel believed she had more right to be irritated as Max was the one who broke into her room. Jubel asked Max to go back to his own home so she could return to her sleep, but Max coldly revealed he had no home.

Believing that Max was homeless and was hoping to sleep at her father’s manor for the night, Jubel gave Max permission to stay at the manor for the night and gave him an extra blanket for him to use. Jubel fell right back to sleep, leaving Max dumbfounded. Max attempted to carry out his original plan but was overcome by Jubel’s fearlessness towards him. Feeling at ease around her, Max felt drowsy from his lack of sleep that he fell asleep right next to Jubel.

After waking up from her nightmare, Jubel noticed that Max had spent the night in her bed. Not wanting to make the situation worse, Jubel attempted to wake Max only for Max to reflexively wake up and pin Jubel down. Max is further confused when Jubel suddenly laughs at Max which caught the attention of the maid outside Jubel’s room.

Not wanting Max to get into any misunderstanding, Jubel hides Max in her closet so no one would get the wrong idea of the two spending the night together. Max is embarrassed by Jubel’s accusation and almost lashed out at her before she covers his mouth. Jubel tells Max that he’ll have to listen to her if he wants to stay which Max reluctantly complies to. Jubel then playfully patted Max’s head, aggravating the prince further but is pushed into the closet before he could say anything else.

While hiding in the closet, Max could hear Jubel’s conversation with the maid and peaked to see the maid applying ointment to Jubel’s body, realizing that he bruised her when he pinned her. After her maid left Jubel to herself, Jubel let Max out of the closet and offered to eat breakfast together. Max is overwhelmed by Jubel’s kind gesture until he sees that they were served cucumber sandwiches, a vegetable Max despises.

Not wanting to disappoint Jubel’s hospitality, Max eats the sandwich without complaint. While eating together, Max continued to question why he is being courteous with Jubel but continued to eat as he surprisingly enjoyed spending time with her.

While spending the rest of the day together, Jubel asked Max if he thought cufflinks were a suitable gift. At first believing they are a gift for her former fiancé Mikhail, Max insults Jubel’s gesture as he believes it’s wasted on a man like Mikhail until Jubel stands up to Max and explains they are for her father. Realizing he misunderstood the situation, Max assures Jubel that her father would be happy with whatever she gave him, a fact that Max quickly realizes Jubel does not believe.

Jubel recalled that Max spends more time with her father than she does and asked for his opinion on what her father enjoys. Max recalls that all Regis ever speaks of is Jubel but Max does not admit this out loud. With an apology letter, her father’s pendant, and the cufflinks in hand, Jubel left Max by himself while she delivered the items to her father’s study, leaving Max to wonder what his teacher’s reaction will be to Jubel’s gift.

While waiting in Jubel’s room, Max noticed a cloaked man entering from the window of the room and immediately grabbed them by the throat, demanding to know their reason for coming. The cloaked man, panicking, stated his superior madam Freya was the one who sent him to inform that Max is to be return to the palace. Max left Jubel a letter telling her not to look for him and that he would return in the future.

While attending a masquerade hosted by Freya, Max overheard a few guests gossiping about Jubellian and the rumor surrounding the cufflinks she had gifted to her father, saying she was giving them to a new lover. Infuriated by their gossip, Max threw his glass of wine on the floor to silence the ladies, shaming them for their disrespect towards Jubel on baseless rumors. Max took his leave, surprised by his own actions.

Max later met with Freya expressing his distaste in the gossip surrounding Jubel. Max asked Freya the real truth surrounding Jubel. Freya revealed that the source of the rumors came from Radian Droil, cousin of Jubellian’s former fiancé Mikhail. Infuriated by their actions against Jubel, Max requested information regarding both men.

Max returned to the Floyen estate while Regis was away where Max snuck in to Jubel’s room, again through the window. While Jubel was surprised to see Max again, Max noticed that Jubel seemed troubled by something and inquired her, promising not to tell her father. Jubel confides in Max about the rumors surrounding her regarding whether she has a secret lover, which she believes is causing all the men who are applying to be Jubel’s partner to reject her.

Max, infuriated by the actions of the nobles, thinks over what he would do if he was Jubel’s partner, once again surprising himself. Jubel further revealed that her father is planning to marry her off and already has a select candidate, and that she needs a partner to attend Lady Arlo’s banquette in order to keep her father from marrying the candidate. Seeing an opportunity, Max remarked that she might already have a suitable partner closer than she thinks. Inspired by Max’s words, Jubel decides to take her cousin Geraldine Juan Ronelle.

Embarrassed that his plan had backfired, Max attempted to leave but Jubel gifted Max a bag of money as thanks for his help. Jubel tells Max that he is always welcome to come over if he should need a place to stay.

While brooding over his encounter with Jubel, Max was informed that his body double, Victor, was being suspected by the other nobles.

Concerned for Jubel’s safety at the banquette, Max ordered Freya to attend the banquette to protect Jubel in case anyone approached her. On the day of lady Arlo’s banquette, Max snuck in to observe the scene should but was surprised to see Jubel attended with her father. While watching her from a tree, Max notices Jubel crying by herself and approached her out of concern, expressing his desire to help her should anyone bother her. While appreciative for his intentions, Jubel is concerned for Max due to nobles mistreating commoners over minor actions. Jubel asked Max to speak formally to her when they are seen together in public. Though Max was slightly annoyed by the request, he complied when Jubel assured him that he could speak however he liked when they were alone.

Noticing no one had asked her to dance, Max offered Jubel to be her first dance partner, surprising Jubel with his dancing. When Jubel accidentally trips over Max’s feet he quickly catches her, and unintentionally brings her closer to him. Before either could say or do anything else, they are interrupted by the surprise appearance of Jubel’s father Regis, who demanded Max stay away from Jubel crushing his glass of wine with his bare hand. Concerned for her father’s wellbeing, Jubel immediately approached her father. Noticing that her ankle was hurt, Max attempted to help Jubel but was stopped by Regis, who insisted on taking his daughter home. Max could only watch as Regis carried his daughter away, warning Max not to come to his home again.

Unable to stop thinking about Jubel or their intimate moment together, Max went to Lady Freya’s Salon asking Freya to host a banquet and invite Jubel, but Freya finds this difficult as Jubel was being bombarded with countless invitations to party’s.

Unable to wait for Jubel to respond, Max once again snuck into the Floyen manor to meet Jubel, who was annoyed that Max kept appearing at her window, but quickly changed her attitude when she saw an opportunity. Jubel then immediately asked Max to be her lover. Max at first is caught off guard by her proposal but then quickly fantasized about a future together with Jubel. Realizing Max was misunderstanding her proposal, Jubel reassured it would be a contractual relationship until Jubel can live independently from her father and avoid marrying the crown prince, surprising Max as he realizes that Jubel does not know who he really is.

Jubel further emphasized her dislike for the crown prince by saying he was cold hearted and heartless man, and would never willingly marry him. Upset by Jubel’s words, Max leaves her without giving her an answer. Max returned to Freya’s salon sulking over Jubel’s words. Freya informs Max about the Emperor wanting him to return to the palace again and that his stepmother Isabelle Rusty Ashet had sent another assassin after him. When asked what to do with the assassin, Max thought back to Jubel’s words and decided to spare the assassin, surprising Freya.

After learning that Jubel would be attending Veronica Joanna Terrence’s tea party, Max went to find Jubel when he learned that her ex-fiancé would also be attending. While out in town, Max was being admired by the women around him causing a nearby nobleman Baron Golden jealousy. Wanting to humiliate Max for being better looking than himself, Baron Golden talked down to Max while boasting his status to Max. Max was unfazed by Golden’s taunting and pushed him away, knocking the Baron over.

Before either man could punish the other, Jubellian stepped in to defend Max, still believing he was a commoner. Jubel passes off Max as her bodyguard, though Max was upset that she referred to him as her servant than her lover. When the Baron refused to apologize to Max, Jubel humbly asks the Baron for forgiveness regarding Max, claiming he was from the countryside and lacked proper manners, agitating Max. Jubel then offered to receive Max’s punishment instead if the Baron still insisted on punishing Max.

Realizing what would happen if he laid his hands on Duke Floyen’s daughter, Baron Golden reluctantly apologized to Max who frightened the Baron off with his piercing glare. Realizing Jubel was concerned for his safety, Max thanked Jubel and accepted her offer to date. Not wanting people to know of their relationship, Jubel quickly covered Max’s mouth and escorted him back to her carriage.

While riding back to the Floyen estate, Jubel questioned Max on why he suddenly changed his mind and what he was doing in Arcade street. Not wanting Jubel to know the real reason, he claimed to like wandering without purpose, annoying Jubel. Max continued to think to himself over the matter, realizing he could not continue to show up out of no where and needed to stay close to Jubel to keep Mikhail from approaching her. Jubel continued their conversation by wanting to discuss the terms of their contract. Before he continued the conversation, Max asked why Jubel wanted one with him to begin with. Jubel reasoned that it was because he was her father’s student, upsetting Max as he was taking the relationship seriously, but Jubel also expressed her trust towards Max that she does not feel around any other man, making Max blush.

When asked how much he wanted in return for being Jubel’s lover, Max promised to do it for free as compensation for injuring her. Jubel was surprised by Max’s kindness and immediately grabbed his hands, promising to give Max a place to stay whenever he wanted. Max, flustered and caught off guard by Jubel holding his hands, asked her to let go but Jubel stands firm that their relationship must look as convincing as possible. Jubel insisted they write out their contract but Max finds it unnecessary as he trusts Jubel would not take advantage of him. While appreciative of his thoughtfulness, Jubel insists on writing out their terms.

Jubel then leaned closer to Max stating they must do one more action. Max, believing it to be a kiss, is flustered but leans in closer, until Jubel reveals that she meant they needed to get their stories straight in case anyone asked how their relationship started, embarrassing Max.

Arriving at the Floyen Mansion, Jubel introduced Max to her guards as her lover, shocking everyone as they had never seen Jubel with him. Despite Geraldine’s protest and suspicion, Max allowed Jubel to recount their fake love story and even smiled at her when she promised to protect him.

Jubel introduced Max to her father Regis, claiming him to be her lover, much to the anger of her father. Taking their conversation to the reception room, Regis inquired on how the two met, as he had been trying to prevent them from interacting. Jubel revealed how they met the first night and how they slept in the same room, further enraging the Duke as he glared at Max, intimidating the usually composed prince. The Duke demands they not see each other, but Max does not waver, consoling Jubel.

Max reminded Regis what he taught him, that the sword was meant to protect someone, and insists that he has found that precious weakness in Jubel, and would not allow even his master to take her from him. Regis, unconvinced of Max’s sincerity, renounces Max as his disciple. Seeing that the two will not come to a compromise, Jubel insists on talking with Max in private, which Regis allows albeit reluctantly.

While thankful for standing up for her, Jubel is displeased by Max’s disrespect towards her father and does not want him to never speak to Regis again. Jubel asks that Max reconcile with her father by apologizing to him, which Max reluctantly complied. While Max apologized for his outburst, Regis does not accept it. Seeing that neither person is willing to reconcile, Jubel gets on her knees and apologizes to her father. So not to upset his daughter, Regis immediately forgives Max but is still reluctant in allowing the two to date.

Later in Jubel’s room, Jubel and Max go over the contents of their contract. Max’s only conditions being he may call Jubel by her name and Jubel cannot date other men. While Jubel complies with Max’s conditions she is put off by his horrible grammar and rewrites the contract with both her and Max’s conditions. Max however is displeased with Jubel’s conditions and instead rips up the contract. Unable to put up with Max’s behavior any longer, Jubel suggests they end their contract already, shocking Max.

Max insisted that she needed him in order to avoid marrying the crown prince. While Jubel agrees, she cannot put up with someone as abrasive as Max, if his first reaction to everything is to put other peoples feelings second to his. Not wanting to separate from Jubel, Max apologized for his actions and rewrote the contract with Jubel, signing it without hesitance.

To officially announce their relationship, Jubel suggested they attend Lady Veronica’s tea party together. Max, remembering that Mikhail would attend, agrees to go with Jubel to confront Mikhail himself.

While arriving at the tea party with Jubel, Max is met face to face with Mikhail and showed great animosity for each other by glaring into each other’s eyes. Because Max was not given a formal invitation he was forced to wait for Jubel in another room, on the insistence of Mikhail and Veronica. While waiting in the guest room, Max grew increasingly anxious and decided to watch over Jubellian from afar should Mikhail attempt anything to harm her.

Max watched the tea party from a tree just outside the room where Jubel spotted him from the window, flustered by the sight of him watching them. When Mikhail notices Jubellian looking out the window, he looks outside to see her Max watching them from a tree. Noticing Mikhail, Max taunts him into confronting him outside. Refusing to accept anymore humiliation, Mikhail steps outside with his sword in hand, and confronts Max.

Mikhail attempted to draw his sword, but Max had already subdued Mikhail by kneeing him in his gut before his blade was unsheathed. While Mikhail fell to his knees, Max continued to taunt Mikhail, claiming Mikhail was more fitting kneeling to him. Max demanded to know who Max was and why he was with Jubellian but Max refused to answer him. Exploding with rage, Mikhail stands back on his feet with his sword to Max’s neck and demands Max tell him why he was with Jubellian, proclaiming that Jubellian would never love a man like Max. Max only smiled at Mikhail’s weak threats and reminded Mikhail that he is Jubellian’s lover.

Before either man could do anything else, Jubellian, along with the other tea party attendants, arrived outside and confronted Mikhail over his actions, demanding he drop his sword. Surprised to see Jubellian, Mikhail calls out to her by her first name but Jubellian reminds Mikhail that they are not close and that he is to address her as Princess Floyen. When Mikhail tries to explain what happened, Jubellian runs past him to check on Max.

Tired of being ignored over and over again, Mikhail grabbed Jubellian by her wrist and demanded she talk to him. Max demanded Mikhail to remove his hand but Jubellian stopped him and assured him that she would take care of Mikhail. Believing she has finally become obedient, Mikhail attempts to take her away but Jubellian stops him and demands he remove her hand from him. Taken aback by her new authoritative attitude, Mikhail removes his hand from Jubellian who scolds Mikhail for his violent and abhorred behavior and warns him never to repeat such behavior again.

As Jubellian and Max walk away, Mikhail, now realizing that Jubellian has truly left him, calls out to her and demands to know why she would rather be with Max than him, believing that Max was unworthy of her. Jubellian only coldly responds that she no longer loves Mikhail and that she no longer wants anything to do with him, leaving Mikhail behind heartbroken and humiliated.

While on their way back to the Floyen Mansion, Jubel expressed her concern over Max’s actions and asked that he not let his emotions get the better of him. Max however is unfazed by Mikhail and expressed that not even 10 nobles could stand up to him, but complies not to argue or provoke nobles from now on so not to upset or worry Jubel.

The next day, Jubel invited Max over for lunch which Max happily accepted until he realized that his master Regis would be joining them. While Jubel is happy to help Max with proper etiquette, despite being taught etiquette since he was 5, Jubel takes it a step further by offering to cut Maxims steak for him, an action that Regis finds infuriating as he still believed Max was deceiving Jubel. Regis instead offered to cut the steak himself, surprising Max. While cutting Max’s steak Regis tries to warn Jubel through his subtle actions regarding regarding Max. While Jubel remained oblivious to Regis’s words, Max easily picked up on what Regis was implying.

While cutting Jubel’s food for her, Regis offers to have tea once they were done, exciting Jubel as she had made tea herself and was hoping to try it with Max. Excited by the chance of drinking tea his daughter made, Regis declined to go to the imperial palace before he drank Jubel’s tea, an action that Max agreed with. Despite enjoying the tea together, Regis asks to talk to Max in private, which Jubel obliged.

Once Jubel took her leave Regis demanded to know what Max was scheming with his daughter, as he did not believe Max’s feelings for Jubel were genuine. Max himself questioned why he was going through such lengths only to admit that he has fallen for Jubellian, and has no intention of breaking up with her leaving Regis to think over Max’s words.

Max appeared once again at Jubel’s window while she waited for him shocking her once again for not using the door. When Jubel noticed Max’s face was red, concerned he may have a cold, Max only smiles while he blushed at Jubel. Max revealed that he thinks Regis is suspicious of their relationship and believes they should get to know each other more if they want the relationship to seem real.

While learning about each other, Max inquired about why Jubel hated the crown prince, only for her to reiterate how much she loathes him, pointing out how just a few days ago the crown prince seemingly killed his own aid, which Max only did because his aide attempted to poison him. Max points out that she shouldn’t be wary of someone based off rumors but Jubel compares the crown prince to a predator you don’t need to know before it attacks you. Max asked whether Jubel would reconsider if the crown prince promised not to kill her, which Jubel agreed, giving Max hope.

Max returned to the palace interrupting the conversation between the Emperor and Duke Floyen, surprising his father Carlos as he did not return when asked. Seeing the Emperor intimidated by his son, Regis intervened between the father and son, demanding Max to leave the room while he and the Emperor discussed private affairs.

Later, after their hostile reunion, Max met with Duke Floyen in private to discuss the Emperor’s plans, though they keep their conversation vague so as to not reveal anything should someone be spying on them. During their conversation, Duke Floyen make’s himself very apparent that Max is acting too reckless and needs more power and influence if he wants to oppose his father, as well as reinforces his statement that he wants Max to stay away from Jubellian.

Realizing that he will be unable to send Jubel any letters under his title as the crown prince, due to Duke Floyen’s interference, Max has his double Victor pose as him again while he meets with Lady Freya. Victor offers to help Max should he need him for anything other than posing as him, which Max does not hesitate to ask for as Victor was notorious for his many sordid affairs.

With Victor’s advice on communication, Max tied a note to the foot of a pigeon to have it delivered to Jubel, though he threatened the pigeon should it not deliver the message. With the pigeon carrying his letter, Max smiled in relief as he waited for Jubel’s response, only to be angered when the pigeon returned without delivering the letter. While scolding the pigeon for its failure, Max is interrupted by the arrival of his attendant who warned Max that his actions would backfire on him since Jubel does not know Max’s identity yet and that his poor communication would only scare her off.

Max’s attendant further reported that Empress Isabelle was continuing her smear campaign against Max and that Count Lennox was amassing an army to fend off against the neighboring country Lagon, which the Emperor caught word of. After learning from his intelligence network in Lagon that they are preparing for an upcoming drought, Max deduces that Lagon abwas preparing provisions for war.

Realizing that his master has presented him with an opportunity, Max has his attendant write to Count Lennox that he would aid him in his defense against Lagon to gain favor from the People Ashet to secure his position as crown prince.

The next day, Max arrived at Jubel’s tea party as the ladies were discussing the topic of the crown prince, and how none of them would want the position given Max’s reputation and that the crown prince has the face of a demon. While Max is disheartened by everyone’s derogative remarks towards him he is pleased when Jubel starts to defend him.

After the party had settled down, and Max and Jubel were left alone together, Jubel expressed her concern of whether she can be a part of the social society given her reputation. Remembering that he did not have a good reputation himself, Max comforted Jubel by assuring her that he believed in her and she should believe in herself, the same way Max’s mother believed in him.

Max also revealed that he would be leaving for a while to help fend off the south. While Jubel is disappointed that Max will have to leave, Max assured Jubel that he would come back for her and that she cannot find a new lover while he was away as they are still bound by the contract they established. Max then took his leave with Jubel’s handkerchief in hand as a token.

For the next two months, Max worked with Count Lennox to fortify the south before Lagon declared war, with Max even charging head first into battle as soon as Lagon attacked. For his valiant efforts and his victory in denfending the Empire, a celebratory banquet was to be held to honor Max.

Max quickly returned to the capital while on horseback to see Jubel, despite it being the middle of the night and against the advice of his attendants. Max once again stood outside Jubel’s window where he sees Jubel struggling to fall asleep with an in sense burner. Max entered Jubel’s room and approached her. Seeing Max again for the first time in months, Jubel believed it was not really him, even pinching his cheeks to test if it was really him.

Realizing that Max was truly standing before herself, Jubel broke down in tears, yelling at Max for never writing to her and worrying her sick. Max embrassed Jubel and apologized for leaving her, promising never to leave without writing to her. Max continued to comfort Jubel all throughout the night until she fell asleep. Believing she needed to rest, Max attempted to leave her be but Jubel kept him from leaving her, begging him to stay in her sleep. Not wanting to part from her again, Max stayed by Jubel’s side, sleeping together embracing.


On the outside, he comes off as a serious and guarded, but really has a soft side. To the masses, he is known as a man who is cruel an bloodthirsty and wont hesitate to cut down even those who are close to him if they go against his will. He also has strong convictions including the belief that caring for someone will make you weak. Eventually he starts to go against this belief and starts to have a soft spot for Jubellian Eloy Floyen without even realizing it.

Physical appearance

Maximilian is a man of tall stature with straight black hair and narrow eyes with red irises that seem to glow when he is angry or furious. He is quite strong and is a skilled knight directly under the guidance of Regis Adri Floyen. His clothes are typically black without much embellishment unless he is with other nobles. Even his armor is black but it has gold embellishments and a long plume.


Love Interest

Jubellian Eloy Floyen: Jubellian is the daughter of Max’s master Regis Adri Floyen, as well as the person Max treasures most in his life. While initially indifferent towards Jubellian, he found himself attracted to her for her fearlessness of him as well as her sincerity. While being taught swordsmanship from Regis, his master would endlessly brag about his daughter to the point where Max was sick of listening about Jubel. Max at first saw her as an incompetent woman who was a liability to his master Regis, and believed she needed to be eliminated. Upon their meeting Jubel’s fearlessness of Max caught him off guard as he was used to people being afraid of him. When spending time together, they are very causal towards each other. Jubel seems to feel comfortable enough around Max as he seems to remind her of a kitten she use to own when she was a child. Jubel is unaware of Max’s true identity When Jubel learned she might be engaged to the crown prince she hired Max to be her lover so she can avoid the engagement. While their relationship is only based on a business transaction, Max has genuinely fallen for Jubel and has tried to change his image so that she will accept him as a possible suitor. Jubel also cares for Max as she constantly interferes with his disputes with nobles.


Emperor Carlos Ashet: Emperor Carlos is Maximilian’s father as well as his sworn enemy. Their relationship is one of mutual hatred for each other due to Carlos’s abusive treatment towards his son and Max’s many attempts at murdering his father. Max has stated that Emperor Carlos is a man who does not love his family and only sees them as tools to further his goals or entertainment. Growing up in the imperial palace, Max was ignored by his father as he saw his son as weak and disposable. When his concubine at the time Isabelle began framing Max as a violent and unstable child Carlos did nothing to help his son and left him to fend for himself. Over the years after Max grew stronger in reputation and swordsmanship, Max soon became an enemy to his father who he began to fear would retaliate against him for all the years of Carlos’s abusive treatment. While they are not close, Carlos still allows Max to retain his title as the heir to the Ashet Empire though it’s more likely for political means and fear of his son than any respect for Max. In the original novel, Max eventually killed his father to take the throne. In the present time, Max is plotting to overthrow his father.

Empress Ashet: The first Empress was Max’s mother and Carlos’s first wife. Despite the harsh treatment from his father, the Empress was the only person Max loved in his family, and the only person who cared for Max. Empress Ashet did all that she could to protect Max from Isabelle and Carlos, even reluctantly having to push Max away in fear that they would use her to harm her son. After the Empress was poisoned by Isabelle, Empress Ashet left Max in the care of her trusted friend Regis Adri Floyen so that Max could protect himself. The death of Max’s mother greatly affected him as it made him cold and apathetic towards the people around him.

Isabelle Rusty Ashet: Isabelle is the second Empress of the Ashet Empire as well as Maximilian’s step-mother through his father’s second marriage. Isabelle is Max’s arch-enemy as she is the root of all of Max’s misery. Isabelle has been trying to revoke Max’s title as the crown prince ever since he was a child, spreading false rumors and framing Max as a violent and sociopathic child. Isabelle was also responsible for poisoning Max’s mother so that she could become the next Empress. When Max learned of Isabelle’s crime, he vowed revenge against her. Over the years, Isabelle has continued her attempts to remove Max from his title while Max has never forgotten what Isabelle has done to him, and has thwarted her attempts at ruining his image with his military accomplishments, swaying the publics opinion to his side. She has also sent numerous assassins to kill him though none have succeeded.

Princess Ashet: The princess is Max’s younger half-sister from Isabelle. The two are not close due to her mother’s actions as he is never seen interacting with her. The princess also seems to resent Max for the pressure and abuse her own mother puts her through to make her the crown princess, and has assisted her mother in her attempt to remove Max to make her the next heir.


Regis Adri Floyen: Regis is the strongest knight in the Ashet Empire as well as Max’s master who trained under Regis since he was a child. Max was entrusted to Regis to look after him by his mother, who Regis greatly respected. While Regis was successful in teaching Max swordsmanship, he was unable to teach Max the importance of humility and mercy, traits that Max rejected as he was bitter and resentful of losing his mother. Max greatly respects his master as a swordsman though he looks down on his master’s love for his daughter, believing her to be a weakness that the Emperor could exploit. Max has tried to convince Regis to join him in his rebellion, though Regis always rejects as he wanted to ensure that his daughter would be safe. It was not until Max met Jubellian that he began to understand what Regis had been trying to teach him. While he respects Max as his student, Regis is aware of how manipulative Max can be and has done everything he can to keep him and from meeting his daughter Jubellian. When Jubellian presented Max to her father as her lover, Regis absolutely forbid her from dating Max and even went as far as to renounce Max as his student. Despite Max’s insistence that his feelings for Jubellian are genuine, Regis does not trust Max will not hurt Jubel or put her in harms way should he continue with his plan of overthrowing the Emperor, and continues to tell them to break up.

Freya: Freya is Maximilian’s informant who aids him in gathering intel from the capital. Freya does not fear Max like others do and is always ready to aid Max in his endeavors. Freya can be dumbfounded by Max’s lack of common sense as well as his ridiculous requests such as when he is trying to court Jubellian.

Victor: Victor is Maximilian’s most trusted subordinate as well as his closest friend. Victor acts as Max’s body double to pose as him at the imperial palace while Max carry’s out his missions. Victor is always willing to aid Max in other affairs as he gave Max love advice when trying to court Jubellian.


Mikhail Albert Hessen: Despite not knowing he was the crown prince at the time, Mikhail has a deep seeded hatred for Max for his seemingly commoner status and for being Jubellian’s new lover. Max in return is disgusted with Mikhail for his manipulative and cold treatment of Jubellian. Max takes joy and satisfaction in reminding Mikhail that Jubel is his woman now and enjoys seeing the jealousy and anguish in Mikhail that he tries to suppress. As a proud nobleman, Mikhail refuses to let Max look down on Mikhail and believes Max is undeserving of Jubellian, going as far as to draw his sword at Max to threaten him. Max is unfazed by the hotheaded noble and finds Mikhail’s childish outbursts amusing.


  • Out of any other food, his least favorite is cucumbers. They are repulsing for him to eat and even their smell is gross to him.
  • HIs last name in Korean is Hachette (아셰트). The French translation is pronounced 'Ashet' which means to cut or strike.
  • He is left handed and has quite messy handwriting, unlike that of most princes.

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