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Original story timeline

Once the princess, his half-sister, drank the poisoned wine and Jubellian Eloy Floyen was detained, he was the one in charge of investigating Jubellian. He was on his way to the shadow room where she was being held when she stabbed herself in the abdomen so that she wouldn't have to face him.


At a young age, his mother, the Empress, got very ill. On her deathbed, she asked Regis Adri Floyen to teach Maximilian how to protect himself until he is strong enough to be on his own. Since his mother lost the emperors favor sometime before she died, he had no power as a noble and part of the royal family. This meant that his father, the emperor did not care for him nd he was to fend for himself. With no one to consider family and no where that he felt was home, he was lonely. Even with the nations only swordsmaster teaching him how to wield a sword, he still didn't have anyone to rely on and grew cold, believing that having people close to him would make him weak, and that was the last thing that he needed.


On the outside, he comes off as a serious and guarded, but really has a soft side. To the masses, he is known as a man who is cruel an bloodthirsty and wont hesitate to cut down even those who are close to him if they go against his will. He also has strong convictions including the belief that caring for someone will make you weak. Eventually he starts to go against this belief and starts to have a soft spot for Jubellian Eloy Floyen without even realizing it.

Physical appearance

Maximilian is a man of tall stature with straight black hair and narrow eyes with red irises that seem to glow when he is angry or furious. He is quite strong and is a skilled knight directly under the guidance of Regis Adri Floyen. His clothes are typically black without much embellishment unless he is with other nobles. Even his armor is black but it has gold embellishments and a long plume.


Love interests



  • Regis Adri Floyen: His mentor. They met when Maximilian was 12 years old and his mother died. Up until recently, Maximilian looked up to him to and extreme amount and wanted to be like him until Regis revealed that he had a weakness for his daughter, Jubellian Eloy Floyen.


  • Out of any other food, his least favorite is cucumbers. They are repulsing for him to eat and even their smell is gross to him.
  • HIs last name in Korean is Hachette (아셰트). The French translation is pronounced 'Ashet' which means to cut or strike.
  • He is left handed and has quite messy handwriting, unlike that of most princes.