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Jubellian Eloy Floyen is the main protagonist of the story Father, I Don’t To Get Married!. She is the daughter of Regis Adri Floyen.


Original story timeline

Jubellian was an outcast of noble society. She received no attention from her father, nor from those her age until she met Mikhail Albert Hessen . She quickly fell for him after he gave her his handkerchief when she was crying at a party. She finally got the attention she was seeking and decided to devote her life to him, much to his irritation. This was all until he confessed to her that he never loved her and loved the royal princess instead, which destroyed their three year relationship.

Later, Jubellian gave the princess some wine at a banquet which turned out be poisoned. Mikhail put the blame on Jubellian, although in reality she had nothing to do with the poisoning. Jubellian was ordered to be taken away, and her father volunteered to bring her to the shadow room; a place where no one can leave once they enter, unless they are of the royal family. As they arrived, her father gave her a dagger and told her to 'tolerate it'. Believing that the Crown Prince had arrived to torture her, she used the dagger to stab herself, choosing death over a miserable life imprisoned.


As a young child, Jubellian’s mother Amelia, died and she was left with her father, Regis Adri Floyen, as her only family. He never gave her affection or love and frequently pushed her away. She grew up lonely and longing for some form of affection but was poor at socialising and making friends. She took her frustration out onto other women and exploited them to keep them away from Mikhail Albert Hessen, her boyfriend, who was the only one to give her the attention she craved.

Past life

A typical woman who was just looking for a good job. She had many skills like programming and baking, but she hadn't managed to get a full time job. She often dreamed of escaping her current life and reincarnating into a book, but never as the villainess. One day, on her way to a part-time job, she got hit by a car and died. This caused her to transmigrate into the book that she was reading about the tragic life of a noble woman.


Before the reincarnation, Jubellian had a vile personality where she viewed herself to be above others, partially for the fact that she was the daughter of a duke. Although she never got much attention from her father, she figured out ways to get that from other people and even bullied people who got close to Mikhail Albert Hessen because he was the first person to be there for her. She was also much of a stalker and would follow Mikhail around, watching his every move.

Her personality after the reincarnation is drastically different; she isn't obsessive or rude, but rather much more calm and rational as she does not target her outbursts of anger or frustration at others anymore. Even so, she can be rather unguarded at times and doesn't know when something can be dangerous.

Physical appearance

Jubellian is a beautiful young woman with long straight silver hair that reaches to her lower back. Her face is quite petite with elegantly shaped violet eyes and a small chin.

She typically wears dresses that are blues or other cool tones and a relatively simple style.


Love interests


  • Regis Adri Floyen: Regis is Jubellian's father.
  • Unnamed mother: Jubellian's mother passed away when Jubellian was young. In Chapter 53.5, it is revealed that the full name of her mother is Amellia Norah Floyen as shown on her gravestone (her name was spelled as "Amelia" in Chapter 50.5).