Father, I Don't Want to Get Married! Wiki


Original story timeline

He crafted a necklace for the birthday of the princess and gained great popularity for his skills. He soon after became known as the empires greatest artisan and his works increased greatly in price.


Son of a family of skilled craftsmen who were well known for their work, he eventually inherited the shop despite his beliefs that he is not worthy. The shop quickly fell into disrepair and turned gloomy with talisman scattered around as if to ward of the bad energy that Ian emits. The pressure of trying to be like his father and grandfather caused him to stop working and the business started to be on the verge of collapse.


Ian is quite insecure about his ability as a craftsman and will urge any potential customers to visit the craftsman next door whom he believes is more skilled. Even so, he is very skilled if he puts his mind to it and someone believes in his skill. A dark and gloomy aura surrounds him and his rundown shop but once he is given a project, everything lights up.

Physical appearance

He is a young man with wavy light brown hair and cerulean blue eyes. He wears large circular glasses and a formal white shirt with a large bowtie and brown vest. In his first appearance, he is seen with bags under his eyes and scuff marks everywhere along his body and clothes.